Top 5 Most Effective Social Media Optimisation Techniques

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus—these are just some of the networking platforms that have dominated the Internet.

Unconvinced? Take a look at these numbers:
  1. 62% of all adults with access to computers have a registered account with social media sites. 
  2. 42% of all mobile users share photos, videos, and posts via Facebook. Next in line is Google+ which is used by 10% of all mobile phone users. 
  3. 65% of all major companies have active Twitter accounts, 23% have business blogs, and 58% have active Facebook pages. 
  4. 55% of all small companies resort to social media promotion, while 88% of them believe that exposure in these platforms is “the biggest benefit”. 
  5. Each month, the overall population of Internet users together account for a staggering 4 million years online (in terms of total time spent) . 
These impressive statistics not only prove that social media is a massive phenomenon but that it is an effective way to market and optimise your website.

Why is Optimisation Necessary? 

Having a business website is not enough. You want people to know about it and you want them to find it in the easiest way possible.

This is where Search Engine Optimisation comes in.

In a gist, these are tweaks, edits, enhancements, and promotions aimed at driving quality traffic to your site and increasing its rankings in major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and MSN. In a way, this is your key to a successful and consistent online presence.

To bolster your SEO goals, you need the help of social media channels.

Techniques for Social Media Optimisation 

1. Solidify your Image

The most important thing you have to maintain on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other channels is your brand consistency.

Since you have multiple accounts, you have to make sure that your fans, friends, and followers still recognise your company even when you are communicating through different media.

First, maintain your use of colour, font style, and logo on all your profiles or pages. Second, use a single voice or philosophy when communicating with your peers. Of course, this will depend on what niche or industry you belong to.

Basically, speak from the perspective of your brand, not yourself.

2. Write compelling posts

If you have been using social media sites and SEO for some time now, then you may be aware of the phrase “content is king”.

Interesting, if not intriguing, posts are your key to attracting and keeping followers. These will also encourage them to Like, Share, or Retweet your posts, thereby increasing the visibility of your profile and consequently driving more traffic to your pages.

Keep in mind though that you should still prioritise the relevancy of your posts to the market you belong to. For example, you will sound “off” to your followers if you post updates about runway trends or fashion collections of designers when your niche is about food and culinary.

Also, when I say content, it does not necessarily mean “written”. You can post photos, videos, or even podcasts of juicy news and updates that you are sure your audience will appreciate.

3. Post links to your website

If you are an avid Tweep, colloquial for Twitter user, then you may be aware of the fad where people tweet about random stuff and include links.

You can use this trend to your advantage by posting a link of your blog, websites, or other social media profiles.

This is a subtle way of inviting more people to be part of your circles in Google+, followers on Twitter, or Friends in Facebook. And if you already have loyal customers, you can get in touch with them as well by posting links to your profiles.

4. Enhance the landing pages of your website

A substantially large part of traffic on your site comes from social media channels, where viewers click on the links you provide just to see what you have to offer.

Then again, keeping the attention of viewers is another matter. This is where you must optimise your landing pages and make them be worthy of attention.

Only through this will you have a low bounce rate in your analytics, which is an essential part of your PageRank.

5. Socialise

Do not just use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other sites for the sake of fostering your SEO goals.

Use them to connect with your clients, receive feedback, be part of the conversation, and yes, advertise about your latest product releases.

The more you use social media channels to socialise, the more your brand will be recognised and the more people will want to visit your website.


There is no formula in existence that will instantly drive traffic to your site. But with patience, hard work, and out-of-the-box thinking, you will ultimately achieve your SEO goals sooner than you might think!

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