Top 5 - The Best Smartphone Games

In the last few years, the market for Smartphone Apps has completely taken off and become a highly lucrative business. Many of these Apps come in the form of games but, with so many to choose from, how do you pick the best of the bunch? Below are my own, personal favourite top five games from those currently available.... 

1) Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds SpaceEveryone who is anyone has heard of Angry Birds and knows the basic concept. Essentially you catapult birds across the screen to destroy precariously built structures, hopefully crushing a few disgruntled pigs at the same time. But now the tension levels have been amped up with this new version of Angry Birds set in space! Though sometimes frustrating, this game remains highly addictive and the extra difficulty of navigating around planetoids and crates of floating TNT only serve to make this latest edition even more of a challenge!

2) Dead Space 

Continuing the theme of deep space and with a story set between the two games available on the Xbox and PS3 consoles, Dead Space is horror-survival at its most nasty! Though much of the claustrophobic horror has been lost on the considerably smaller screen, still this remains a highly challenging game as your character fights desperately for survival against an increasingly more vicious army of Necromorphs!

3) Worms 2-Armageddon

A classic from yesteryear, Worms remains one of the most addictive and fun games of all time and this edition for the Smartphone is simply sublime! With all the weaponry available on the original game plus some new additions, this version includes 30 single-player challenges in Campaign mode or the much harder Body Count mode which pits you against increasingly harder opponents in worm-to-worm combat!

Fruit Ninja4) Fruit Ninja

Another very simple game that will quickly have you addicted, the title says it all really! You are a Shadow Warrior honing his sword skills by slicing and dicing all the fruit that flies at you from across the screen! But this is less about madly hacking and slashing on your phone and more about being efficient and precise. Though very repetitive, still there is something very stress-relieving about this App....

5) GTA-Chinatown Wars

Finally we come to my own personal favourite of the lot; GTA on Smartphone! Though set in the same city as GTA3, the game closer resembles the original top-down version that started the franchise all off. It is not without its flaws, the controls take some getting used to, but it is lots of fun and more polished than the version available on the Nintendo DS! It’s not perfect by any means but definitely fulfills your GTA fix whilst you are on the move!

Top 5 - The Best Smartphone Games Top 5 - The Best Smartphone Games Reviewed by Unknown on August 14, 2012 Rating: 5
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