10 Tips To Boost Up Your Firefox Speed

The Web is growing exponentially and so are its users. Among the popular web browsers, Firefox remains the surfers’ favorite due to its reliability and speed. We know that the continuous use of web browsers over a period of time will slow down its speed. As a web browser, Firefox also has such speed decline issues. Let us look at ways and means to boost up Firefox’s speed.

10 tips to boost up your Firefox speed are as follows:

Reduce page loading time – Use “Pipelining” to improve the speed of Firefox by following these instructions:

-          Enter “about:config” in the Firefox address bar and hit enter.
-          You will get a message like “I’ll be careful, I promise!”, just click on it
-          A label bar will appear on the window. Enter “network.http.proxy.pipelining”
-          Set the value field to ‘true’ by clicking on it.

Cut down RAM usage for cache features

You can reduce your Firefox’s RAM usage in two steps.

-          Type “about:config” in the address bar of the browser and hit enter
-          From the files displayed on the browser select “browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewer”
-          Set its value to Zero.

Ensure sufficient space in RAM

A RAM that is jam-packed with files slows down the browser’s speed automatically.
So free up your RAM to boost the speed of your browser.

Check Firefox’s memory usage constantly

Check Firefox’s memory usage constantly and uninstall tools that are not essential. You can check Firefox’s memory usage by typing “about:cache?device=memory”  on the browser’s address bar. The details you get on the display page are: maximum storage space, storage in use, current number of entries and the vacant storage space.

Reduce session history

The number you find in the browser’s session history denotes the maximum number of pages or URLs that can be stored in the cache memory. The default session history value is 50. Change the default session history value to 10 and increase the speed of the browser.

Fix browser cache value or disable the cache

By fixing the browser cache value you are enabling the browser to cache pages the moment it gets loaded. This reduces the time taken to reload or redisplay the same page a second time. On the other hand, disabling cache value will free up the memory.

Delete private data

There are options to clear private data the moment you log out. Constant use of such options not only improves the speed of the browser but also enhances security. Go to the ‘clear recent history’ option and select options like Cookies, Active logins, Form & search history and Browsing and Download history to clear the RAM. It is a good practice to clear private data before you close the browser’s window.

Use of extensions and themes

Extensions and themes use up more RAM space. You can seed up your browser by uninstalling extensions you don't use.

Content notify interval

By using this option you can minimize the waiting time between reflows. To choose this option you should follow the instructions given below:

-          Right click anywhere on the “about:config” page
-          From the pop-up window select ‘New’, then select ‘Integer’
-          On clicking ‘Integer’ a window will appear
-          Enter 750000 as the integer value and then click OK

Install Speedyfox tool

Various tools that can increase the speed of browsers are available on the Web. Speedyfox is one among them. This tool not only improves browsing speeds but also Firefox’s startup speed.

Hope the tips discussed above will help in improving the speed of your Firefox browser. Though it takes some time to perform these activities, it will give better results. Improve your Firefox speed and enjoy browsing.

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