Secrets behind the Popularity of Drupal Web Development

Drupal Web Development
The platform on which a website is developed plays a huge role in the usability factor and success of the site. You must have heard about open source web development platforms such as WordPress and Joomla. Inspite of the advantages that these CMS platforms (mentioned above) offer, its Drupal that most developers consider as the most advanced website development platform. Why? Because it comes with great module development facilities, theme customization options, variety of database support and stringent security features.

Let’s find out what has helped this CMS platform gain so much popularity.

Theme Customization-

Your website's theme plays a significant role in grabbing a visitor's attention and building engagement. With Drupal you can select a theme that suits the needs of your business and then customize it to give your site an exclusive look and feel.

Plenty of Modules

Drupal offers plenty of modules for a wide variety of functions. You are allowed the freedom to add as many modules as you need to make your site user friendly. The website can be structured in such a way that it is able to easily accommodate any new module in future. This flexibility makes Drupal one of the world's most loved platforms for web development.

Database Support

Database support is a major issue with many open source web development platforms. If you have a large site with lots of dynamic content, then proper database management is one issue that you must actively consider. Unless you your site is driven by a reliable database, the chances are that it may crash under pressure from heavy online traffic. But when you use Drupal for your site, you can be assured that no such thing will happen. It supports some of the major databases including MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Easy to Handle CMS-

The beauty of the Drupal CMS  is its incredible ease of use and the fact that it can be handled by anyone even with a very basic programming knowledge and skill set. With Drupal you don’t need the services of web developer every time you need to add to or modify the content on your website. You can add new articles, videos and images almost effortlessly.

Support from Online Community-

Drupal has a huge online following. While the Developers regularly build new modules and incorporate cutting edge technologies  to make the platform even stronger, it is the worldwide community that drives the innovation that makes Drupal the preferred choice for web developers and site owners.  No matter what issues you face, you are sure to  find a solution in the community documentation. This developer friendly CMS is updated regularly and the newer versions bring in newer functionalities.

These benefits make Drupal one of the world's most preferred web development platform. If you are planning to launch a dynamic website where the data needs to updated regularly, then using this flexible CMS is a wise decision.

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