16 Search Engine Optimisation Tips For Better Search Rankings

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the study and practice of techniques that enable websites to rank high in search engine result pages for specific search terms - more popularly known as 'keywords'.

SEO is important because search engines are the major source of traffic for most websites, and a higher rank in the search engine result pages (SERP's) generally translates into a greater number of visitors for the concerned website.

In this article we will try to highlight certain SEO best practices and techniques by which you can optimise your blog/website for better search engine rankings.


1. Use adwords keywords tool to research keywords.

2. Incorporate keywords strategically within your content. Do not stuff your pages with irrelevant keywords.

3. Always write for your readers. Do not simply spin an article around the keywords.

Internal Links

4. Internal links can have a profound impact on your search engine rankings.

5. Make sure that your internal links are dofollow.

External Links

6. Guest blogging on authoritative websites can significantly improve your search engine rankings. It's important that the blog you Guest Post on is related to your blog/website and that the anchor text you select adequately describes the page you are linking to.

7. Links from spammy and low quality sites can do more harm to your website than good.

8. Search engines now focus on content quality and user experience. With search engines making algorithm changes that tend to be penalize websites which host low quality and spammy articles, techniques such as article marketing have lost their relevance and can even be counter-productive for SEO.

9. Quality posts attract links naturally.

10. A strategic PR release can give your search engine optimisation effort a much needed boost.

Other Tips

11. Duplicate content is sure to push your search engine rankings down.

12. Always make sure that the guest post offered to you has not already been published elsewhere.

13. Sites which are over optimised for SEO may also be penalised by search engines. For example the Google Penguin update targets over optimised websites with too many keyword-based links from low quality websites.

14. Always write for your readers and not for search engines. By creating quality content you are inducing user engagement and thereby reducing your bounce rate – a critical success factor as far as search engine optimisation is concerned.


15. Social media activity revolving around your blog or website has a positive influence on SEO. Having an effective strategy in place for promoting your content on social media websites is therefore important.

16. Encourage your readers to share your content on social media websites and aid them in this effort by incorporating social sharing buttons into your website. 

Thank you for your time and hope you benefit from these SEO tips.

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