How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Using Twitter

As a micro blogging website, Twitter is accessed by millions of individuals every day. You can use Twitter as an effective tool to drive quality traffic to your blog. This post identifies some of the ways in which you can find readers for your blog using Twitter.
Twitter Can Help You Increase Blog Visitors
1. Share Your Content on Twitter

You begin by sharing your content on Twitter. Make sure that the tweets that you send out introduce your followers to your content and link back to the respective blog post/article. Never use tools that send out automated tweets each time you post. Instead craft your own tweets. The challenge is to come up with tweets that instantly captures the audiences interest and induces them to follow the link back to your blog/website. Given Twitter's word limit, sometimes asking direct questions help.

Consider the following tweet for example:
"Are you getting enough traffic to your blog via Twitter? [Include a link to your blog post here]"
Tip: Use a URL shortener to shorten your URL so that it does not consume all the 140 characters.

2. Re send your Tweets - 

It is also important to re-send your tweets at regular intervals. By doing so you ensure that none of your followers are missing out on it. 

3. The Power of a Hash Tag - 

Every time you tweet (about your content), be sure to use a 'Hashtag' (#) symbols to mark keywords or topics. By including a Hashtag before a particular keyword, you ensure that your tweet will be visible in public search results relevant to the Hashtaged keyword.  

For example consider the following tweet. Here we are marking the keyword 'Blog' with a '#' symbol.
"You can increase your #blog traffic with twitter"
4. Buttons to make sharing and following easy.

Incorporate 'Twitter Buttons' within your blog/website to make following you and/or sharing your content on twitter easy for your blog visitors. By encouraging your existing visitors to share your content, you are potentially increasing your reach in the Twittersphere - something that will impact the number of visitors Twitter sends to your blog/website.

You can get a 'Twitter Button' for your blog/website here:

5.  Connect with people interested in your niche.

Find and connect with people interested in the Niche you are operating in. By interacting and sharing with these individuals and delivering value to them, you can turn them into regular readers for your blog/website.

What strategies do you employ to drive traffic to your blog using twitter? Do share with us.
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