The Return of Google Maps to iPhone

Its great news for all iPhone users for Google Maps has made a triumphant return to the iPhone. I say triumphant because within hours of its launch, Google Maps has claimed the top-spot among free apps in the Apple’s iTunes store. 

The new Google Maps App for the iPhone features Google's much acclaimed 'voice assisted turn by turn navigation' - a feature that was missing in the earlier app. In addition to the navigation system, the app also includes 'Street View' - a feature that will allow iPhone users to preview destinations with with 360-degree street-level imagery.

Google Maps App for the iPhone'Local search' which enables users to find local businesses and services, complete with reviews and ratings, is another interesting feature of the new Google Maps App for the iPhone. Plus there is the 'compass mode' which enables you to find and orient yourself on the map.

The new app, with its sleek navigation, has been received well by users and critics alike. The CNet Mag while reviewing the app claims that "With its iOS Maps app, Google sets the standard for what mobile navigation should be.." 

The PC Mag review says that the “Overall, the Google Maps experience on the iPhone is very ‘fly’”

The app can be downloaded here

The Return of Google Maps to iPhone The Return of Google Maps to iPhone Reviewed by Unknown on December 14, 2012 Rating: 5
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