The 5 Hottest WordPress Plugins You Need In 2013

With so many WordPress Plugins to choose from, selecting the 5 hottest WordPress plugins was not an easy thing to do. After careful consideration, I have come up with a list of WordPress Plugins that can definitely help boost your online efforts in 2013. 

Wordpress PluginsWhether you are interested in improving your social networking efforts, boosting your blog’s rank or generating revenue, the 5 plugins listed below will definitely help you achieve your goals in 2013. 

NextScripts: Social Networks Auto Poster

As you might be well aware, social networking is extremely important when it comes to building a presence online. By sharing your content on social media websites, you could be exposing your work to the masses and bringing in more leads and customers. However, manually sharing on the social web is a time consuming process - which is why there is a need to automate. And, this is precisely why the NextScripts: Social Networks Auto Poster is at the top of my list of the 5 hottest WordPress plugins for 2013. With this plugin, you can put your social networking efforts on autopilot. 

With NextScripts, you can devote all your time to do what you do best i.e blog. NextScript will take care of your social sharing needs by automatically republishing each of your (new) posts to the social networking sites of your choice like Twitter, Facebook LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and many others. NextScripts is one plugin that everyone with a WordPress blog should definitely install.

SEO Ultimate

The SEO Ultimate plugin allow bloggers to take control of their WordPress blog's search engine optimization efforts. In addition to allowing bloggers control over their meta and title tags, SEO Ultimate offers a host of other features. These include deep-linking tools to streamline your internal link building efforts, Rich Snippet generator, Meta Robot Tags Editor, NoFollow manager and a lot more.

Most people who have installed this plugin have been very satisfied with the results. Since search engine optimization is just as important for blogs as it is for websites, having complete control over your WordPress blog's SEO efforts is what makes SEO Ultimate one of the 5 hottest WordPress plugins for 2013.

Quick Adsense

Once you have put your social networking efforts on autopilot with NextScripts and taken control of your SEO efforts with SEO Ultimate, you should next think about monetizing your blogs with Quick Adsense. This WordPress plugin gives bloggers total control over where they want the Adsense ads to appear within a post. With this plugin, bloggers can optimize ad placements by randomly inserting Adsense ads wherever they like. 

According to the experts, randomizing ad placement helps generate more clicks. For this very reason, Quick Adsense definitely deserves a top-spot in this list of the 5 best WordPress plugins for 2013.

Note that Quick Adsense is not limited to adsense only and works with other advertising platforms also.

PODS Custom Content Types and Fields

Another hot WordPress plugin for 2013 is the PODS Custom Content Types and Fields plugin. This plugin gives bloggers the tools they need to manage all their content online and allows them to assume total control over their content. With the PODS interface, bloggers can characterize all of their content at the touch of a button.

Whether they want to create a post, web page or attachment, PODS makes managing content easy. In addition to all of the content management features, bloggers can also use PODS to customize fields and decide where they want to display their content. This WordPress plugin is robust with features that every blogger will be able to put to use in 2013.


With Atcontent, bloggers can actually monetize their blogs by allowing visitors to purchase their content for reposting elsewhere. This handy plugin also has an anti-theft feature that can be used to prevent visitors from copying your work. If a visitor wants to repost a page, the visitor has the option of purchasing content directly from the blog.

Once the purchase is completed, the plugin generates a link back to the blog. Each backlink that is generated helps improve your blog's search engine score.

AtContent works best for blogs that post content owned by one writer. With this handy plugin, bloggers can generate money by allowing others to repost their content for a fee. What bloggers like most about AtContent is that any money that is generated is automatically transferred to their PayPal account. For bloggers that are interested in generating money with their blog, AtContent is definitely a good plugin to install.

By taking the time to install one or more of these 5 hottest WordPress plugins, you will be on your way to achieving all of your blogging goals in 2013.

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