How To Attract More Guest Posts On Your Blog

Modern day blogging is quite demanding, and to be a success at it, there is a need to keep your content fresh and blog updated on a regular basis.

However finding good content to post on a regular basis is a major concern for most bloggers. Given the situation, the concept of guest blogging has come across as a major boon for them. By accepting guest posts from external sources, bloggers are able to meet the content requirements of competitive blogging effectively.

Attracting More Guest Posts

In this article we will discuss the ways in which you can attract more guest posts on your blog.

1. Create a 'Write For Us' page

Sometimes all it takes is a little push from your end. A 'Write For Us' page informs prospective guest-posters that you are open to the idea of them guest posting on your blog.

Your 'Write For Us' page should contain the following details

a) Words encouraging individuals to come forward and guest post.

b) The benefits of guest posting (from the guest author's point of view)

c) Information on your blog's rankings, audience demographic, estimated traffic etc

d) Procedure for submitting guest posts

e) Guidelines, quality requirements, linking policy etc.

f) Other details, if any.

2. Niche Blogging is a hit

Quality and relevancy of links, is an important SEO metric. As a consequence of this, quality niche blogs generally attract a lot of guest posts from blogs that operate in the same niche. Focus on creating a quality blog in your niche and the guest posts will come naturally.

3. The importance of Quality

Creating a quality blog is fundamental to attracting more guest posts on your blog. Why is this so? To answer this question we need to think from the point of view of the guest poster. The only reason why he is interested in sending you an article for free is because he gets to link back to his blog/website in return - something that will help increase his SEO score and help him rank high in search engine result pages (SERPs). Now a back link will only help him rank high when the same comes from a high quality site. Thus most authors will look to guest post on high quality authoritative sites so that they can gain maximum rewards from their efforts. 

It is therefore important to create a quality blog in order to attract more guest posts.

4. Move your blog to its 'own' domain

If you are publishing from a sub-domain under the blog service provider's domain (eg. or here is a fact for you. Blogs that are publishing from a 'bought' domain are up to 10 times more likely to receive a 'quality' guest post that blogs which are still stuck to their blog service provider's domain. 

5. Power your social media connect

Consider yourself to be a social media veteran? Its time you powered your social media connections to source guest posts for your blog. If social media is meant to enhance connections, its high time that it played a role in bringing bloggers and prospective guest posters together.

Tip: LinkedIn groups might be a great place to begin your hunt for guest posts on the social web.

UPDATE: Post the recent changes in google algorithm to counter link over-optimisation, use the undermentioned sites with care. Remember to publish only those articles that offer real value. Check for links to ensure that the sites you link to are not spammy in nature and are related to your blog. 

6. Blogger LinkUp

Blogger LinkUp (BLU) is a simple yet highly effective email based service that links up bloggers to their prospective guest posters. All you have to do is to is to subscribe to their free service, ask for a guest post and the (guest blogging) offers will start pouring in. 

7. MyBlogGuest

A smart guest blogging platform created by Ann Smarty, MyBlogGuest, allows you to preview articles submitted by hundreds of authors before placing request for them.

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