How To Keep Your Inbox Spam Free

Your father wakes up in the morning and heads to the open to enjoy a breath of fresh air.

You wake up in the morning, head straight to the computer and delete those hundreds of useless emails that seem to have found their way into your email inbox in the death of the night.

If spam deletion is more of an early morning ritual for you, its time to stand up and take action.

The following tips will help you keep your Inbox clean and clutter free.

1. Unsubscribe

Keep getting those promotional emails from one source or the other every single minute? Unsubscribing is the way to go for you. If the promotional email that you just received is from a (somewhat) reliable source, you are sure to find an unsubscribe link hidden somewhere within the text. I say hidden for the print is often so small that even the most powerful microscopes might fail to come to your aid. 

You are most likely to encounter the 'unsubscribe' link towards the end of the email. However if you fail to locate one, simple hit Ctrl + F, while the email is still open on your screen, and type 'Unsubscribe' in the box that pops up. You browser will highlight the space where the unsubscribe link is.

Once you have found the unsubscribe link, simply click on the link and follow the instructions on the landing page to unsubscribe from future emails from the said source.
Email Spam

2. Avoid inadvertent subscriptions

When you sign up for any service on the World Wide Web using your e-mail – you often inadvertently sign up for the service provider's newsletters or promotions. How do the service providers achieve this? With most service providers signing up for any service requires you to accept their terms and conditions by 'checking' a box to signify your acceptance. However, you would find that in most cases there is another box already 'checked' for you – one that seeks your permission to subscribe you to their newsletters. Be sure to 'uncheck' any such box before signing up for any service on the World Wide Web to avoid unwanted e-mails in the future.

3. Manage your preferences

E-mail updates from social media or similar websites can virtually take over your inbox. It's therefore important to regulate the type and frequency of e-mails that you wish to receive from these websites. Visit the 'preferences' section of the concerned website to regulate what you wish to receive and what not.

4. Mark spam

Each time you are fortuitous enough to find an e-mail providing a multi-million dollar lottery award notification in your inbox, be sure to move the e-mail to your 'spam' folder. By doing this one simple task, you are educating your intelligent e-mail service provider against directing such spam messages to your inbox in the future, and you might even be doing a social service by preventing such messages from landing into someone else's e-mail inbox again.

5. Two e-mail accounts

By using two e-mail accounts managing spam is effectively a lot easier. Use one e-mail strictly for work and the other for signing up for services on the web. You will invariably find that the e-mail you shared around on the internet will attract far more spam than the other e-mail which you use strictly for work.

I hope with these tips you will be able to wage an effective battle against e-mail spam and enjoy your mornings in the open air alongside your dad.
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