Top 10 Useful Writing Tips for Bloggers

As a blogger, you probably do not need any blog writing help. That is why the tips I have shared in this article are not aimed at improving your writing; they are aimed at improving your writing process. Follow these tips and your blog writing will become easier, more productive, more efficient, and you will create blog posts that have a finer clarity and more punch.

Useful Writing Tips For Bloggers

1 - Break up your text into smaller paragraphs

You must do this because blog readers are notorious skim readers. Because let’s face it, they do not have all day to be reading every line of the text that you throw at them. Smaller paragraphs means that they have to practically stop 'skim' reading for a microsecond; to bridge the physical gap within the text. It slows down their reading so that more information can be absorbed.

2 - Pick a subject that actually interests you

This is the best way of making sure you engage with the text. Anything other than this is going to turn blog writing into work (and who needs more of that?). There is also an added benefit to it. Subjects that naturally interest you will need less research, and any research you do will become a pleasure instead of a chore.

3 - Make your text fun to write by adding a little humour

A little humour, not only makes your text more fun to read, it also makes it more fun to write. A good technique is to decide to be funny at intervals. For example, you can decide to end every paragraph with something funny. It makes writing each paragraph a pleasure and will also chew up a bit of word count if you are feeling uninspired.

4 - Contrast negatives with “It could be worse” arguments

Nobody likes reading negative and depressing things, and given the fact that blog reading is an indulgence, there are few people who are prepared to tolerate it. However, some blog posts have to be a little negative, so try to 'contrast' it. For example, consider this piece:

...the potholes on Main Street may be upsetting, but they pale in comparison to the life of a Christian Burmese person.

5 - Proofread your article before posting it

Proofread your articles to come up with the 'perfect blog post'. Most people do not proofread their blog posts in the same way that they do not proofread their emails. And along the way, at some point, they will mis-phrase a sentence and make a fool of themselves.

6 - Plan your blog post to make your job easier

The planning process needs to be no more than a list of points you need to hit. Just so long as you have a plan, your entire blog writing experience becomes a whole lot easier, and you do not have to worry about missing out on those important points (that can add more value to your posts). 

7 - Add some emotion and feeling to your blog post

Dry and emotionless blogs are the easiest to ignore. While your blog post need not mirror a piece from a middle aged women’s fictional novel about sparkly vampires, you can at least try and make it a little more exciting than an accountant's journal entry.

8 - Be the person you want to be when you write

If you want to be the life of the party then write as if you are. If you are considered dumb by all your friends; come up with intelligent posts!

9 - Do not manually add keywords but do alter them

Never force keywords manually into your text. Make sure you go with the flow. Once you have finished writing a draft, look carefully for all the keywords that occur naturally within the text. If you notice that you have used one or two of them too often, use their synonyms instead. Turn “dog” into “Puppy” or “Pup” or “K9”.

10 - Use headers to clarify your points

A header before each paragraph makes your text a lot easier to understand and absorb (especially so for the skim readers I allured to above). You can use paragraph headers to make your point, and then expand upon them in the ensuing text.

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