Framing Catchy Yet Marketable Company Name Ideas

Perfecting business naming doesn’t happen overnight, yet it has happened in some strange ways.  Some inventors have launched major labels after they’ve finalized the finished product; others have simply taken two common words and slammed them into one odd sounding phrase.  What worked for others may fail for you, meaning you’ll probably need days of brainstorming to perfect your corporate name.  Add marketability issues into your naming process, and the whole enchilada gets harder. 

Framing Catchy Yet Marketable Brand Name Ideas

Let’s explore some interesting ways small businesses, individual entities or large corporations could name themselves, or avoid error, while keeping future marketing at the forefront of their final decision.

Avoid Social Hotness

Basing small business or large company name ideas solely off what everyone is talking about would be your first mistake.  Since today’s trends are tomorrow’s archives, having your entire existence built off what millions love today wouldn’t help your bottom line.  Developing products under your name, however, based off trending topics could net quick ‘in and out’ profits.  Passing your business name off to sons should have meaning; therefore, avoid social trends which haven’t been proven as rock-solid when naming your business, and ensuing domains.

Make It A Catch-All Name

Having numerous products, services or skills means you’ll name your business based off what best collects your offerings under one ‘umbrella’ description.  Having the catch-all approach to naming makes marketing much simpler as plans created for marketing purposes will easily include everything your business offers.  Sure, this makes the naming process much harder, but what part of starting something new is easy?  Our goal is lowering marketing investments, raising public perception and becoming the community cornerstone within your niche, forcing your naming methods to take slightly more caution.

Shoot For 3 Words

Don’t restrict yourself to three words, yet anything longer may frustrate consumers with shorter memory banks.  One word, of course, would ideally work best for both search engine optimization and local storefronts; if not possible, work up to two words, and so forth.  The more the business name resonate within consumers’ minds, the better grassroots advertising methods – namely word of mouth – will perform all marketing work for you.  Avoid using difficult to pronounce words or phrases, unless your clientele is expected to be an upscale class of English professors.

Plan For SEO

Company name ideas should reflect potential costs per click, or how easily one could achieve organic positioning with great content related to your name selection.  Stricter rules, thanks to Panda, mean creativity must be invoked when starting anew in search marketing, with lesser concentration on linking.  Relevance, both in content and domain usage, is more necessary than ever.  So, in addition to above mentioned tips, keep your digital marketing ROI in sight when naming your business since the harder people must search for you, the more you’ll need to spend.

More vital than ever, naming your business must combine products, services, expected audience and marketability into one memorable, bite-sized, yet easy-to-market name which everyone will flock to. Unless you’ll target affluent individuals only, remember to keep elegant jargon minimal and your domain name’s potential reach in mind before finalizing company name ideas.

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