Planning Your First Blog? These Tips Would Come In Handy

So you've finally decided to take in the plunge. Your first blog! - you must be excited. However for most bloggers (including me) their first blogs are not necessarily a success. For most of us, our first blogs were more of a learning curve - where we committed numerous mistakes and learned from them.  

However, you don't have to be worried about going through this 'trial and error' process for help is at large. All you have to do is to follow these simple tips and you can leave your mark on the blogosphere even with your first blog.

Planning Your First Blog

1. Be 'Decided' on your Content

Before you create your first blog, make sure you are 'decided' as far as your content is concerned. There is no point in creating a blog and then deciding what to blog about.

2. Never Mix Niches.

This is a cardinal rule of blogging. Never think that you can write about recipes and rollercosters in the same blog and still get away with it. Every blog should be dedicated to one particular niche (or a group of related niches) and remain so dedicated for the rest of its life.

3. Domain Name is a Friend - Please Buy One.

Domain names aren't expensive - so go ahead and buy one for your blog. A domain gives your blog its very own identity, builds trust, help boost your blog's search engine rankings, furthers your monetization efforts (for most advertising platforms won't accept your blog unless it is hosted on its own domain) and saves you the trouble of having to change to a bought domain later (this can lead to a huge loss of traffic). So if you are hosting your blog on blogspot or wordpress, shun those free sub-domains and instead buy a top-level domain for your blog.

4. Content is the Key to the Lock called Success.

The only thing that can take your blog to success is the content it hosts. Remember never compromise quality for quantity for one good post can bring in more readers than 50 poor posts can.

5. Patience and Consistency go Hand in Hand.

When it comes to blogging, patience and consistency are both equally important. Blogging can be difficult at times, specially so during those initial days when the traffic is poor and even quality posts find a few readers. It is important during such phases, to keep faith on yourself and continue working hard.  Remember to chase excellence, success will follow.

Thanks for reading. Good luck with your first blog.
Planning Your First Blog? These Tips Would Come In Handy Planning Your First Blog? These Tips Would Come In Handy Reviewed by Unknown on May 13, 2013 Rating: 5
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