May 14, 2013

Now Unified 15GB Free Storage Across Google+ Drive And Gmail

In a move that could see you storing more on the cloud, Google Inc. recently announced its plans to unify and upgrade free store space across the three Google platforms - Google+, Drive, and Gmail to 15GB. 

What does this mean?

Until now Google had separate free storage space allocations for different services. Thus, you had 10GB of free storage on Gmail and another 5 GB of free storage for Google+ and Drive. Now, the free storage cap has been unified and raised to 15GB for all the three platforms taken together. According to Google "with this new combined storage space, you won’t have to worry about how much you’re storing and where".

How does this benefit you?

This is best explained with an example. Suppose you were consuming 2GB of storage space in Gmail and wanted to share a 10 GB file on drive. Since free storage space on drive earlier was limited to 5GB, you had to pay for additional storage. But now, you don't have to shell out anything for storing the same 10GB file on Drive because your combined space consumption across the two platforms Gmail and Drive does not  exceed the limit of 15GB.

Note: Businesses using Google Apps would also see their storage space jump from the current 25GB to 30GB

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