SoLoMo, Tradigital, Likeonomics - Words That Make You Hit While Your Spell-Checker Throws A Fit

The concept is funny: we live in a world where technology changes things at an instant, but our technology is not always ready to adapt to the changes. Take spell checkers for example. In today's fast paced world where new technological or marketing words are being created on a regular basis, our spell checkers simply don't seem to find a way to keep up. You type the popular word down in your word processor only to have the red or green squiggly line appear underneath it.


The following are some of the common words that when incorporated, will help your writing score while your spell-checker might throw up the red flag.
Blog: Blogs have been around for quite some time now, and they are constantly being referenced in writing all over the Internet. But try to use the word blog in your writing (or any other form of the word blog), and you’ll be seeing red.

Facebook: Facebook is only the most used website on the Internet today, yet nobody told your word processor's spell checker about its fame. If you plan on writing about the popular social media site, be prepared to drive your spell checker crazy.

Gamification: When it comes to marketing, there may be no better way to captivate an audience than through the use of a game, which is why gamification is a real term used to describe gaming in marketing. However, your spell checker will not only flag the word as being wrong, but it may even auto correct it to “ramification”, so make sure to proofread your work before sending it off, otherwise your gamification article may come off as a ramification article.

Likeonomics: Likeonomics is another popular term used today in business to determine the likeability and trust of people and companies, but if you try to use the word in your writing, your word processor will think you’re crazy.

Smartphone: Smartphones have also been on the market for many years and have changed size, shape and functionality, yet the word has yet to be added to some of the most popular spell checkers. Sure, you can switch “smartphone” for “mobile device”, but it doesn’t have the same meaning.

SoLoMo: Acronyms barely ever make it to the spell check dictionary, so it’s no wonder that spell checkers red flag SoLoMo, the acronym for Social + Local + Mobile. But SoLoMo is a popular marketing term that is widely used, and if the world catches on to acronyms like Brangelina, it’s time to consider updating the spell checker with marketing terms too.

Tradigital: Want to combine traditional marketing methods into the digital world? Then you’re applying tradigital tactics. It’s a common phrase amongst marketers everywhere, and using it will make you seem as if you truly know what you’re talking about. However, your spell checker might endeavour to make you think twice about the spelling.

SoLoMo, Tradigital, Likeonomics - Words That Make You Hit While Your Spell-Checker Throws A Fit SoLoMo, Tradigital, Likeonomics - Words That Make You Hit While Your Spell-Checker Throws A Fit Reviewed by Unknown on May 18, 2013 Rating: 5
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