5 Email Marketing Essentials

Email Marketing Essentials Email marketing is the forefather of modern marketing. It's been around for years, and businesses have been incorporating email into their marketing strategies with much success. From the traditional mailbox-stamp-and-postcard days to electronic inboxes and mouse clicks, marketing has progressed along with technology.

As with all new marketing technology, businesses have gone through the inevitable trial-and-error stage of email marketing. By now, many have figured out the do’s and don’ts of composing and delivering email messages.
Strong Subject Line: 

Subject lines are incredibly important. It’s your hook - acting as your first impression to your readers. If your subject lines are too vague, too boring, too long, too sales-y, too anything really, you lose your reader. This drastically decreases your chances of them actually opening your email to begin with! 

Tip: Use as few words as possible, while also getting the subject of the email across. Try adding a sense of urgency (IE: Today only! Spring Sale Exclusives), or something that directly pertains to your reader (IE: Your Account Report for April).

Immediate Organization Recognition: 

Your readers need to know who you are so make sure you identify your business or organization right off the bat. This can be as simple as a company design header that has your logo, or a quick mention of your business in the intro sentence.

Catchy First Few Words: 

Much like the subject line of your email, your first sentence matters. A lot. Now that you got the reader to open your email, you have to keep them interested.

Tip: Try getting straight to the point, or asking a thought-provoking rhetorical question.

Concise Content:

(Unlike this blog), you want to keep your email short. Why? Because people are busy! Think about your email and how many emails you sift through every day. The objective of your email is to inform you reader as quickly as possible.

Call To Action: 

Readers need something to act on! This can range from having them to click to learn more information, or using the email as a means to get them in your store with an incentive!

If your business hasn’t stepped into the email marketing realm, it’s not too late! There are many email marketing providers that can help you grow your database, create emails, and send them. You just have to make sure you go with a service that gives you the features you need within your price point.

Some email providers bundle in other features, like social media marketing and mobile text marketing. If those channels interest you, it’s definitely worth a shot! Often times they offer a better value.
Happy emailing!

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