Advantages of Google Authorship

Advantages of Google AuthorshipGoogle Authorship is one of the latest trends to grip the online world. It is Google’s markup system which links authors to their work, through their Google+ profile.

SEO guru Sue Reynolds explains that it is Google’s way of validating who did what, giving credit to whom credit is due. Meanwhile, Michelle Gilbert, author and researcher at explains that writers are not only the beneficiaries of Google Authorship. Websites and brands also enjoy a considerable impact from this markup system.

Google Authorship offers Branding Opportunity

Because of Google authorship, it is now easier and more convenient for startup entrepreneurs to bring their brands closer to the attention of their prospective customers. This is because Google Authorship makes it possible to represent brands together with content in Google’s search results. So, aside from the high-ranking benefits, Google authorship also ushers in excellent branding experience to small and mid-size businesses.

For a lot of small and startup firms who do not have the resources to launch a full-blast online marketing campaign, Google authorship, is a rather cheap but effective alternative in promoting their products, services, or content and in making their efforts more visible in Google’s search results.

By linking their content to an individual, SMBs can distinguish their work from those of their competitors. This works best if the linked 'author' is well known in the industry. Thus, by assigning an individual's reputation to your brand, you can compete more successfully within your industry.

Not too many online marketers realize that the rel=author tag is such a powerful tool. Jay Taylor of Search Engine Watch explains that Google authorship gives anyone the ability to boost awareness of their personal brand. This best translates to an increase in the awareness of their organization as well.

Google Authorship Boosts a Website’s SEO Rank 

This is what Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt says about Google Authorship in his book "The New Digital Age"
Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results".
It is thus clear that by linking verified author profiles to your content, you can help your website perform better in SERPs. Among the benefits that websites reap include better SEO ranking and more visibility in search results. This ensures a greater flow of search traffic towards the website. However, take note that Google Authorship’s impact is cumulative, so if you want to enjoy topnotch benefit, make sure to launch your Authorship as soon as possible.

Increased Click-through Rate

The most noticeable benefit of Google Authorship is the increase in click-through rate. Trust has something to do with this. Because people see you, they are more likely to trust you, as much as they would find it interesting to take a look at what you have to offer.

Google Authorship Personalizes Your Brand And Establishes Your Trustworthiness

As mentioned above, Google Authorship builds your credibility with your audience. Since they can see your face, they get that feeling that you are trustworthy, that you are really sincere in giving them something valuable, something worth their time, whether it’s a product or an information. Indeed, to see is really to believe.

But what if the author ceases from writing for a certain company or website? This is absolutely no need to worry. Your brand won’t lose that elusive rank because as long as the content has that rel=author tag, the author’s image and his authority will remain linked to the content.

What’s great with Google Authorship is that every time that the author’s “authority” grows, the authority associated with the content that he authored also increases. In the long run, you can expect to see your website’s rankings grow.
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