Best Apps To Help You Manage Your Website

Keeping on top of website management has traditionally been something you’re required to be in the office for. But now with the wealth of great mobile phone apps available, there’s no excuse not to keep up-to-date with your website’s content, traffic and social media presence from anywhere in the world, using just your smartphone.

So here are our best apps to help you manage your website…

Google Analytics/ Fast Analytics

For anyone managing a website, Google Analytics (or Fast Analytics for iPhone users) is a must. Google Analytics affords you an intuitive dashboard providing you with insightful information about your site visitor's profile - complete with graphs and charts for better understanding.

With this information, you are better equipped to understand what is working for your site and what isn't. Find out which pages are attracting the most visitors, which are the most important sources of traffic and how your social media campaigns are faring...  

Download Google Analytics for free from the Android app store and watch your traffic grow! Alternatively, Fast Analytics for iOS devices is also available for free, and performs almost as many functions as the Google equivalent.


A huge part of managing and promoting your website is to get the word out there using social media. There has never before been quite so much emphasis put on social media, with most companies now investing in their own Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ pages.

HootSuite is one of the best apps to help you manage all your social media applications in one single place. There’s nothing more annoying (and time consuming) than having to repeatedly log in to each of your social media accounts to post your stories, pictures and links. HootSuite simplifies all of this for you; an integrated dashboard allowing you to post to multiple platforms in one go.  You can also schedule your messages for later publication. With the Mobile-version of the app, you can track your social media accounts’ analytics to analyse your website’s growing presence on the social front.

WordPress For Mobile

A large portion of online blogs and websites are built using WordPress, so having access to your own site via your smartphone can indeed be invaluable.

The Wordpress app, which is available in both the Apple and Google app stores for free, allows you to create, edit, and publish posts to your blog/website while on the go; just as easily as you would from your computer. A great feature with this app is that it allows you to add photos and videos to your site straight from your phone. 

Documents To Go

Another great app for helping you manage your website is Documents To Go. Whether you want to draft a new post, Organise your website’s editorial schedule or analyse your Search Engine Optimisation activities, Documents To Go lets you create, edit and share any Word, Excel, PDF or PowerPoint file using your mobile just as you would using an ordinary computer.

You can also sync all documents on the app to your computer to make the two devices work hand in hand. What’s more, Documents To Go is available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices, with costs varying for each operating system, from free to £6.99.

Google Drive

Last but not least is Google Drive, the perfect cloud storage system that allows you to house all your documents, spread sheets, photos and videos in one place, accessible from your phone, tablet and computer, wherever you are.

What’s really useful about Google Drive is that you can share all your Google Docs with friends and colleagues, creating new folders that multiple users can access at any one time. Whether it’s an editorial plan, contacts list or progress tables, the ultimate transparency of Google Drive can help manage not only your website but also your employees, making communication as clear as ever.

And, rather surprisingly, Google Drive isn’t just available on Android devices- it’s also free for all iPhones and iPads in the Apple’s app store.

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