Top 5 Apps for Optimizing Your Android Phone

Do you want to get the best possible performance from your Android phone? Here are five useful apps that will help optimize your android phone, improve its battery life and give it some added functionality.

Juice Defender

If you’re not getting the battery life you expect from your Android device, it is time to find out why. Juice Defender finds out which phone functions are draining your battery and disables the worst culprits. You can create profiles that control how aggressively Juice Defender tries to conserve battery life. For example, you can ask Juice Defender to shut down the data connection at certain times of day, or to turn off the phone’s Wi-Fi radio when there is no open network within range.

Try the free version of Juice Defender to see how it can help you, or upgrade to Juice Defender Plus to enjoy a greater range of options that allow you to take even greater control over your Android phone’s battery.


How many times have you missed a call or text because you silenced your phone for a movie or event and forgot to turn the ringer back on afterwards? Shush allows you to set your phone to silent mode for a certain period of time; it will automatically turn the ringer back on at the end of the specified time. This simple but useful app is free to download for Android phones.


Love to read, but don’t own a Kindle? Kobo is an e-reader with many handy customization options to make your reading experience more comfortable. Use the volume controls to flip through the pages of your book, adjust the text size and font, or switch to night mode to read in the dark without straining your eyes.


Want to manage your phone from your computer? AirDroid allows you to access your phone from a computer running on the same wireless network. You can write text messages using your comfortable desktop keyboard and send them via your phone using AirDroid. Moving and manipulating files is also a breeze when you can explore your phone’s folders from the comfort of your desktop interface. AirDroid is a free app for Android.


Tasker is the ultimate automation app for your Android phone. For just a few dollars this app will allow you to tweak your device in almost every way imaginable.

With Tasker, not only can you override the default Android settings, but can also create your own customized methods of telling your phone what to do. For example, you could ask Tasker to turn your phone to mute when you place it face down and then restore the ringer when you flip the handset over. You can also set up daily schedules for back-up or turning connectivity settings on and off. It’s your phone, and Tasker makes it work in the way you want it to.

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