Review - Does It Work?

Yes, Amulyam works! I have on multiple occasions received free recharges on my mobile courtesy their site. 

The Concept

Basically Amulyam offers you money for viewing ads delivered by them to your mail inbox. There are also other ways of making money for example, creating and/or participating in contests or completing surveys or partner offers. They also credit money to you account when you purchase articles from participating ecommerce websites.

Once your account reaches a minimum balance of Rs 10, you can use the money to recharge your mobile at the click of a button. The concept is simple, yet effective.

Why Amulyam Works and Others Don't

Amulyam works primarily because it a very low payment threshold. Similar "get paid to view ads" websites often have a very high payment threshold. It takes a very long time (often over a year) to reach the payment threshold; not to mention the lack of enough ads to view or contests to participate in, meaning that people loose interest within a few days of joining and thus never get paid for the money they earn.

There are no such issues with Amulyam, which apart from offering a very low payment threshold of Rs 10 (corresponding to the minimum recharge amount offered by telecom companies) also provide adequate opportunities for you to earn money on a regular basis.

Other Positives I Noticed About the Site

1. The site is really well designed, modern, fast loading and easy to operate.

2. Money earned (by viewing ads or participating in contests) are instantly credited.

3. Adequate number of earning opportunities. Paid ads are delivered regularly to your email inbox. 

4. Recharge delivered within seconds of being requested. The process is incredibly fast - take my word for it.  

My Verdict

Amulyam is not a get rich quick website (neither do they promote themselves as being one). However it is a handy way of earning a weekly recharge on your mobile for free. It delivers what it promises and I give the site a thumbs-up. Review - Does It Work? Review - Does It Work? Reviewed by Unknown on August 16, 2013 Rating: 5
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