Warning Signs Your SEO Provider Isn’t Taking the Organic Route

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Most SEO services on the market today are probably wise enough not to promote themselves as black-hat or automated SEO advocates, but this doesn’t mean that behind closed doors this isn’t exactly what’s going on. As such, it’s sadly a case of businesses having to be a little on the wary side when it comes to certain danger signs and keeping tabs on whether or not all is as it appears to be. 

And of course, it’s much easier to decipher what’s what before signing up in the first place, despite having to see through smoke and mirrors to do so. 

Here’s a look at just three very simple examples of how you might be able to tell that something’s awry with a SEO provider’s approach:

Fixed Package Promises

The thing about organic SEO is that while it is indeed possible to promise and deliver positive results it isn’t even remotely possible to promise an exact position in the Google results pecking order – i.e. number one. As such, it’s usually a safe bet to assume that any provider advertising guaranteed first place positions or continually reassuring you that you will get to number one isn't being entirely honest with you and could by rights be straying wildly from organic SEO.

Always bear in mind that SEO is a complex art, and it’s almost impossible for providers to promise you specific results. Instead, the reputable companies will talk you through the realistic aims and goals of your campaign, and provide you with regular updates on their progress. Look out for packages that offer pay-on-results services. This gives the SEO company more incentive to achieve results, and it also means that you won’t be parting with your cash until you've seen a different in your rankings. 

Fixed Duration 

Next up, organic SEO can deliver superb results for any business, though takes considerable time to take effect and mature. It cannot be rushed and results cannot be guaranteed in a short time, which in turn means that those SEO providers promising the world and all it offers overnight on a silver platter are again being rather creative with the truth. Chances are they’re favouring spamming techniques, which could quite frankly be your undoing. 

The truth of the matter is that SEO is a long game, and you need to view it accordingly. Speak to any potential companies about how long you’ll need to use their services for. The ones that say just a few months will be sufficient may seem like the best bet, but in reality, these are the ones that you should be avoiding. 

Falling Fast

And finally, if for what seems to be no reason whatsoever you’re falling down the results rankings order rather on the swift side, it might be time to question exactly what approach the SEO provider is taking. After all, whatever it is they’re doing isn’t working and it could turn out to be non-organic SEO that’s resulting in punishment, rather than credit. 

Algorithm changes such as Penguin and Panda have left many websites with no rankings whatsoever, and this can seriously impact your business. If you suspect that an SEO company engages in practices that go against Google’s guidelines, you should steer well clear of them. 

By Ruth Hinds. Ruth is an organic SEO specialist and Copywriter from Durham who is actively promoting white-hat approaches when it comes to online marketing. She’s currently guest blogging in behalf of Web Search SEO, an established Web Marketing Firm in London. You may follow her in Google+.
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