Vintage Indian Print Ads: Bring On The Nostalgia [With Pictures]

In this post we will be featuring a few vintage Indian print ads that made a strong case for their respective brands; compelling the Indian consumers to desire and buy more. Note the ads have not been arranged in any particular order.

1. We start off with an ad promoting the iconic Ambassador car. The ad promotes the Ambassador as a "the big size family car" keeping in mind the needs of a large Indian (often joint) family.

2. Next is a poster of Superstar Amitabh Bacchan promoting Bombay Dyeing clothing.

3. Next in is an iconic Amul advertising featuring a little girl. The ad talks about a little butter on a hot chapati making for a delicious one course meal.

4. A Bata Ad for girls who move in fun circles.

5. An interesting ad featuring Kishore Kumar promoting Brylcreem hair gel.

 6. Here is an interesting print ad promoting Cadbury's Gems.

7. An ad promoting camel oil pastels. Camel oil pastels allow Raju to paint without the fear of spilling and smudging.

8. Here is colourful advertisement promoting Campa Orange. Note that the ad is targeted at kids.

 9. A black and white Cinthol ad targeted at women.

 10. A Double Seven Cola Ad.

11. The Pond's Dreamflower Talc advertisement.

 12. An Ad promoting the Fiat as a "car with a History"

13. An iconic Parle Glucose D ad featuring Gabbar Singh

14. An ad promoting Gold Flake Cigarettes among the class conscious Indians.

 15. A poster promoting HMT watches

16. A classic Thums Up featuring Imran Khan and Sunil Gavaskar with the quote "Unbeaten Partnership"

17. A poster encouraging the youth to join the Indian Air Force

18. A example of witty advertising - this Air India poster says "The Indians Are Coming." The image fits in nicely and immediately registers on your mind.

19. A Liril advertisement with the catch phrase "come alive with freshness"

20. A beautiful "Nataraj writes like a champion" pencil advertisement.

21. An early Nescafe advertisement.

22. A classic Ovaltine ad poster.

23. A Lux ad featuring the beautiful Parveen Babi

24. An interesting ad promoting a Pears Soap. Note that there is no image of the actual product.

25. A colourful poster promoting the Premier Padmini as a "beautiful princess"

26. A Rin Poster

 27. A catchy poster promoting six delicious Amul Chocolates

28. The Iconic Surf ad that made Lalita Ji a house hold name.

29. A rare Tata Air Services Poster.

30. The Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate ad featuring Jackie Shroff.

 31. The Filter Wills made for each other advertisement.

32. A rare Bengali Charminar Ad featuring Jackie Shroff

32. An innovative Gold Spot advertisement.

33. The last in this list is an ad featuring one of the most iconic motorcycles to have ever graced the Indian roads - The Yahama RX 100.

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