Apr 29, 2014

Now Mute Conversations On WhatsApp For A Hundred Years

WhatsApp has come up with a new update that allows you to mute conversations for a particular group for a 100 years. 

By using the 'Mute' function you instruct the app not to 'sound a notification alert' for new messages that arrives during the selected time span (the minimum being for 8 hours). However the notifications continue to get displayed on your screen. 

The 'Mute for a century" option literally means you will never receive a alert tone for conversations within a particular group. 

Another interesting feature that has been added; allows you to even deactivate notifications for group messages that show up on your screen.  

For Android users, the update is not yet available on the Google Play but can always download the same from the official WhatsApp website.

Why mute and deactivate notifications when the easier way perhaps would be to altogether leave the group?

Why its a no-brainer. Its for those curious (and otherwise disturbed) souls who would like sneak a peek, every now and then, into what's been going on in the group and see if there's any thing for them in there.

Happy Muting! 

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