5 Blog Tips For New Blogspot Bloggers

If you are a new blogger on blogspot, this is where you should be. In this post I will be sharing some important blog tips for new blogspot users.

1. Start on a Top Level Domain (TLD)

The key to success with Blogspot is starting on a TLD from day one. New bloggers often have the following line of reasoning 
Let me start on the free sub-domain that blogspot offers. When I start gaining some traction and visitors start flowing in, I will then make the switch from the free sub-domain to a paid TLD.
Believe me, for I speak from experience, that there is a serious fault in this line of reasoning. This is because the moment you make the switch from the sub domain to a TLD, you instantly lose all your traction, rankings and traffic that you had so painstakingly earned over time. This is because search engines see your blog as a completely new one and you start again from ZERO. 

You take up blogging because you wish to succeed. When equipped with the right tools ( a TLD being one of them) and a zeal to succeed, you will definitely succeed.

Note: If you wish to earn money from blogging, you should always embrace a TLD for your blog because in 95% of the cases, Google will not approve an Adsense account unless the applicant's blog is hosted on a Top Level Domain.

2. Batch publish the first time.

Your first post should be in a 'batch' comprising of ten or more well written and informative articles. Thereafter you can can follow your normal publication schedule. 

3. Use Labels to categorize

With Blogspot, you can use Labels to categorise your posts so that your visitors can discover posts of a similar type all in one place.

4. Apply for Adsense only after you have a steady inflow of traffic.

Sometimes, the excitement of earning money from their blogs gets big on new bloggers and they end up applying for an adsense account even before they have a dozen odd posts live. However this excitement can quickly turn into despair when one's application is rejected by Google.

You should apply for an adsense account only when: 

A. You have a decent number (at least 20-25) quality posts live on your blog.
B. Your blog is complete in design and is hosted on a TLD.
C. Your blog is experiencing a steady inflow of traffic. By steady inflow of traffic I mean that your blog should not have 100 visitors on day one and only 2 visitors on day two.

Read my post on how you can get an adsense approval easily for more details.

5. Don't experiment too often with templates.

Do not change templates or experiment with your blog's look and feel too often, because this could have a negative impact as far as search engine optimisation (SEO) is concerned and could cause your blog to loose valuable search engine rankings.

Recommended read: SEO tips for better search engine rankings.

It is important that you finalise your blog's template and are satisfied with your blog's look and feel before the same goes live.

What to do if you to move to a new template post your blog goes live? The trick is to use a test blog to experiment. Once you are confident with the results, you should download the template from the test blog and incorporate the same into your original blog.

Thanks for your time. Good Luck!
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