10 Best Amul Advertisements For Jan - May 2014 [In Pics]

In this post, we will be revisiting the 10 best Amul print ads; featuring the iconic Amul girl, published during January - May, 2014.

Bollywood superstar Salman khan bonded with the then prime-ministerial candidate Narendra Modi ,with a kite-flying stint on the occasion of Makar Sankranti. Salman Khan later claimed that this was part of the promotional activities for his film "Jai Ho" This advertisement was the Amul Girls's take on the issue

N Srinivasan, the then BCCI president, refused to step down from his post despite the Supreme Court asking him to do so. Here is Amul's take on the incident.

The "BEST" bus strike in Mumbai paralysed the city. The naughty Amul Girl expresses her displeasure in her own style.

Maruti India stopped the production of the iconic Maruti 800 model - the car that was synonymous with the rise of the Indian middle class. Amul bids farewell through this "Ruk jaana nahin" advertisement.

We have all heard the news that our beloved comic book character Archie Andrews is about to die a heroic death - making an end to the saga that began way back in 1941. Amul wishes him a farewell.

Yuvraj Singh's (Yuvi) performance in the T20 World Cup final was a pale shadow of what he is capable. The Amul girl wonders "Where's the Yu Vi used to know?"

There was utter chaos in the lower house of the parliament after an MP used pepper spray to disrupt proceeding during the presentation of the Bill to create a separate state -Telengana. Amul was quick to bring out this advertisement to mark the incident.

Here is Amul's take on the special treatment shown to MPs by airlines.

Hindustan motors has stopped the production of its iconic Ambassador car, citing weak demand and lack of funds. The Amul girl is saddened and proclaims the car as an Indian Icon.

AAP Leader Arvind Khejriwal refused to pay bond for his bail in the Nitin Gadkari defamation case. Here is what the witty Amul girl has to say about the incident.

Hope you've loved this little presentation.
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