Jun 22, 2014

Infrastructure And Investment Required To Start A Blogging Business

The one thing that I really like about blogging is the fact that anyone can set up a blogging business at a minimum investment. There is hardly any infrastructure requirement and you can use your existing resources to start-up a blogging business.

This is the basic infrastructure you will require: 

1. A sturdy system (preferably a desktop). 

2. A broadband internet connection.

3. A comfortable seating arrangement (just a table and a chair will do)

4. A Tablet computer or a Phablet for blogging on the go. [optional but recommended]

Space: There is absolutely no requirement of renting out separate space as you can easily operate out of your bedroom, garage, attic or just about any corner of your house.

Recurring expenses: 

The following expenditure will recur each each year.

1. Hosting Charges - This will roughly cost you about a $ 100 each year.

2. Domain Name - A domain name will cost about $ 10 annually.

Note that if you wish to acquire a professional theme then the same will cost you around $ 25-30. This however is a one time investment.

Recommended Read: A blueprint to starting your blogging business. [ This is a step by step guide on how you can start your own blogging business]

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