The Killer List Of Social Media Tips For Your Business

In this post I will be sharing a killer list of social media tips for your business. These tips will help you make your social media promotions more effective and rewarding in both the short and long run.

1. Sometimes quitting is the best option: 

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest came to us with the promise of easy publicity for our businesses. However we have soon realised that nothing on this planet is easy. We are all aware of the kind of money and effort it takes to woo an online following. 

Thus, in case after your best efforts, you find that a certain social network is not working for you, its time to quit the platform and instead focus more on the ones that are bringing you the desired results.

2. Targeted Facebook Ads 

Facebook allow you to target your ads to specific users based on their location, demographics and/or interests. Facebook ads can be highly useful when for example; you wish to target a specific age group for promoting your brand. It also cost effective since you pay to reach out to a targeted few.

Similarly you can give paid promotions with other social networks (that you’ve already determined to be effective) a try.

3. Post at the right time 

This calls for a little bit of research. Find out at what times, your targeted audience is expected to be most active. Posting at the right time can see you reach expand by upto 75 %.

4. Call it a brand building exercise:

Never use social media to directly ‘sell’ to a customer. Instead see it as an opportunity to ‘build’ trust and faith in your brand. Its all about fostering relationships.

5. Humour can save your day

There is no denying the fact that you need to be an active poster to have your share of social media stardom. In case you are at a loss for post ideas, share humour. It takes as little as a funny picture or a witty joke to win the hearts of your social media following. However make sure that you offend no one.

6. Answer queries [as far as possible]

One of the most important ways in which you create trust, is by taking time to resolve queries – especially those that have generated a lot of interest among your following. It is this ‘trust’ factor, that can help visitors convert into ‘customers’ and ‘existing’ customers convert into ‘loyal’ customers.

7. Buy Following [initially]

Are you shocked? Contrary to the popular theory, I am actually suggesting that you buy social media following. However the buying part should be restricted to the initial phase of your social media adventure i.e, when you are striving hard to gain followers. 

This is because we human beings have a tendency of endorsing the popular. 

Consider this: The same post is shared on two Facebook pages – one with only 50 followers and the other with 50000. You stumble upon both the posts. You are 10 times more likely to ‘Like’ the post on the page with 50000 existing followers, than the same post on the page with just 50 followers – this is plain human psychology.

Therefore the trick is simple: buy followers initially to woo more followers. When people find that 1000s are already endorsing your brand, they are more likely to join in the brandwagon and endorse you themselves.

8. Use Google Authorship to increase content visibility

Take advantage of Google Authorship – by associating verified G+ author profile to your content (which is then visible underneath your post title in SERPs), you can increase the visibility of your blog/website in SERPs by upto 150%. 

Thanks for your time. Do share your comments with us.

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