A Cure For All Joke

A Doctor opens a clinic and puts up a sign outside the clinic:

"Any treatment will cost Rs.300 and if we can't treat you, we will pay you back Rs.1000"

A MAN senses this as an easy opportunity to pocket some money.

He goes to the Doctor and says,
"I have lost my sense of taste."

Doctor asks the Nurse to put few drops of medicine from box no 22 on the man's tongue.

The nurse does so and immediately the MAN shouts: "What the hell its URINE!!

The doctor says, "Congratulations my friend, your sense of taste is back."

The MAN has to part away with his cash.

2 weeks go by and the MAN is back again at the clinic.

MAN: Doc! I've lost my memory.

Doctor: Nurse! pls put some drops of medicine from Box no 22 on his tongue.

MAN : Wait doctor! No way am I going to let you put urine on my tongue again.

Doctor: Congratulations your memory is back again.
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