Funny Golf Joke

Jack and his wife were playing a round of golf but on the seventh tee, Jack’s ball landed behind the maintenance shed.

“Don’t worry,” said his wife, “there’s no need to take a penalty shot, if we open both doors and take out the mowers you can drive straight through.”

They did as she suggested and he gave the ball a mighty hit.

Unfortunately he missed the far opening and the ball ricocheted off the wall and hit his wife in the head, landing her in a coma.

A couple of days later he was playing a round of golf with his friend and to his astonishment, ended up in a similar position.

“No need to take a penalty shot” said his friend, “Just open the doors at either end of the shed and hit the ball through.”

“Not bloody likely,” replied the man.

“I tried that a couple of days ago and ended up with a double bogey."
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