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A golfer teed off on the 10th hole but the ball disappeared over some trees and was never to be seen again.

Some time later, he saw a policeman coming towards him on the 12th hole.

“When you were on the 10th, did your ball disappear over that clump of trees?” asked the policeman.

“Yes, it did. Why?” said the puzzled golfer.

“Oh the other side of those trees is a road. The ball bounced in front of a car causing it to swerve and run over a cat. It then smashed through a window of the house opposite, shocking a man into a fatal heart attack and frightening his wife into dropping her tea and badly burning her leg.”

“Bloody hell,” said the golfer, who had deathly pale. “Is there anything I can do?”

“Yes, I think so,” replied the policeman. “In future, before you tee off, stand with your legs a little further apart and keep your head still when you swing the club."
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