Lesson Of Life - Jokes

A woman goes to the doctor with bruises everywhere.

Doc asked "How did that happen?"

She said: "My husband hits me. Is there anything you can do to help me in this situation?"

The doctor writes her a prescription for herbal tea. "Now, this tea has a chemical to improve your personality, but it's only absorbed through the cheeks. You need to make half cup of this and drink it 30 minutes before your husband gets home, but you don't have to swallow. You have to swish it around in your mouth. And keep it in your mouth for one hour after he gets home. This is a very effective medicine, and it is going to work."

Two weeks go by. The woman comes back to the doctor's office.

"So, how are you?"

"Oh, Doctor, that tea you gave me worked! It has calmed my nervousness, and my husband no longer beats me. Thank you!"

''Just doing my job ma'am."

"Can you tell me what's the secret of the tea?"

"The thing is. Life automatically
improves when you shut up."
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