Lessons From The CEO Joke

The CEO of a Fortune 500 corporation is fired by his board after too many quarters of slow growth.

As he is in his office cleaning out his desk, his replacement arrives. The new CEO shakes hands with his predecessor and asks "Sounds like you have had a tough ride. Any helpful advise as I step in?"

The outgoing CEO gives him a big smile and says "Not only do I... But I have done it already in the form of the three envelopes you will find in the top desk drawer. There is timely advice for you in each of them. Just open them in order as you feel the need."

In the months that follow, things continue to go poorly for the hapless corporation and finally, one evening, the new CEO finally decides that he should open envelope #1.

He removes it from his desk and opens the letter inside. It reads "Clean house! Change all of your systems and procedures! Push the power of innovation!"

A few more months pass an quarterly sales are continuing to plummet along with profits. Close to wits end the new CEO grabs for the envelope #2.

It's message: "Restructure! Downsize! Outsource everything!"

A few more months and the downward spiral continues. The new CEO is out of ideas and, in desperation, goes to the desk for envelope #3.

He rips it open and reads the message: "Prepare three envelopes"
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