Top 10 Reasons To Blog

Some do it for fun, some for fame. Listed below are the top ten reason why people are drawn to blogging.

1. Expressing Oneself
Blogging is an excellent platform to express one's thoughts and reach out to an audience spread out over the entire globe.

2. Addressing Social & Environmental Issues
People use blogging as a medium to address and raise awareness on a number of social and environmental issues like Global warming, Pollution control, wastage of resources ect.

3. Showcase There Talent
People showcase their talents on their blogs. A self shot photography blog would be a classic example.

4. Promote And Sell 
People use blogs to promote both brands and businesses.

5. As A Hobby
Some pursue blogging as a hobby and take immense pride in being a part of the World Wide Web.

6. Sharing Information
Blogging is an excellent medium to share information and resources over the web.

7. Inspired By Others
Some take to blogging after being inspired by someone. 

8. To Voice Their Protest
Some use blogging as a medium to voice their protest against someone or something.

9. Networking
Blogging is an excellent medium to spread ideas and build more connections. 

And now the most important reason of them all..

10. To Earn Money
Yes, this is the most important reason why people take to blogging. 

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