Nov 16, 2010

8 Ways To Improve Your Blog

I this post will try to discuss some of the ways in which you can bring about an improvement in your blog.
“No matter how good you get you can always get better, and that's the exciting part.”
― Tiger Woods
1. Choose Quality Over Quantity – That essentially is the mantra for success. 

2. Review Old Posts – Make sure you find some time to review old posts. Make necessary changes where ever necessary and incorporate points you might have missed out earlier. Also update posts keeping in view recent developments. 

3. Use A Nice Template – Use a template that looks clean and professional. 

4. Incorporate a Popular Posts Widget – If a visitor liked your content, chances are that he would also love to read more. The popular posts widget allows your visitors to navigate to the most popular posts within your blog. 

5. Subscription – Allow visitors to subscribe to your content. Also connect with your readers via Twitter and Facebook. 

6. Improve Your Writing Skills – Working on your writing skills allows you to create more engaging content. 

7. Enable Comments On Your Blog – Reader’s feedback is essential towards the improvement of your blog. 

8. Improve Your Page Load Speed – Optimize your blog to make it load faster (get professional help if necessary). Get rid of all those unnecessary widgets and ad-ons that consume precious bandwidth. 

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