How To Gain More Twitter Followers

Twitter is a micro-blogging website that allows you to share your thoughts with people across the globe. Twitter as a social network has not just cut ice with individuals. Business - both small and big have recognised the tremendous potential that Twitter entails in bringing them new leads and increased sales.
Strategies to help you gain more Twitter followers.

However just like any other social networking website, to benefit from and to get the most out of Twitter, you need to make your voice heard by the masses. In other words you need to increase your Twitter following.

In this article we will recognise some of the ways in which you can increase your Twitter following. Gain more Twitter followers by 'following' these simple tips.

1. Tweet and Tweet often.

That's what you are supposed to do on twitter. By Tweeting often you become more visible to other Twitter users, and if you are able to impress these individuals they will start following you. 

Tip: Use Hashtags (#) to mark 'keywords' so that your tweets appear in search results relevant to the keyword marked. By doing this one simple thing you can improve your visibility to a considerable extent and ensure that people searching for those keywords can easily find you.

2. Say something interesting or valuable.

Unless you are a celeb, people would not be interested in knowing what you had for lunch. Therefore always have something interesting to say or something that provides value to your intended audience. Remember every tweet counts. Every tweet gives you an opportunity to impress someone. At the end of the day the number of Twitter followers you gain will directly depend upon the number of people you are able to impress.

3. Be consistent with what you say (Be a Niche Micro-blogger)

Find your niche and remain dedicated to it. You may want to argue that by tweeting about a whole range of topics you are reaching out to individuals belonging to diverse interests groups. While this may be true to some extent, what you need to remember is the fact that when your existing followers see you tweeting about something they are not interested in, they may decide against following you. Thus you may be gaining followers of one interest group at the expense of (existing) followers of another interest group.

4. Follow others - 

Follow people with similar interests and they are most likely to follow you back. However don't worry about any of the celebs following you back.

5. A Blogger/Webmaster? Incorporate buttons

If you are a blogger/webmaster, you can encourage your visitors to follow you on Twitter by incorporating a 'Follow me' button on your blog/website. You can thus capitalize on your web traffic to increase your Twitter following. 

You should promote your twitter profile on other social media websites.
6. Link to and promote your Twitter profile on other social media websites. 

Its all about increasing your exposure. 

7. Reply to relevant tweets and/or Retweet them.

You can build connections on Twitter by replying to relevant Tweets sent out by others and/or Retweeting them.  

What strategies do you employ to add to your Twitter following? Do share with us.

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