Why Visitors Leave Your Blog In A Jiffy?

In this post I would try to underline a few basic factors that induces your visitors to instantly leave your blog/website.

1. Unprofessional Design 

An Unprofessional design can cause your blog to loose its credibility and your visitors to turn away instantly.

2. Spelling And Grammatical Mistakes

These are almost 'sins' for a blogger to commit. Make sure you review your content for such mistakes before hitting the 'Publish' button.

3. Slow Page Loads

Who wants to wait? If your site takes a lot of time to load, your visitors are sure to hit the return button.

4. Repetitive Text

Repeating the same thing again and again in your posts would make your readers lose interest in them (your posts). 

5. Difficulty In Reading

A person may experience difficulty in reading your content due to a variety of factors which may include a small font size, a wrong mix of background and foreground colours rendering your content unreadable ect.

6. Text that Overflows

Most people feel averse to reading text that simply goes on and on - specially if the same is on an online medium. The length of your post can thus also be a deterrent. It is therefore important to break up your post into a number of paragraphs that aid easy reading. Using a heading to describe the content of each paragraph also helps.

7. Insufficient Content

Insufficient or thin content can also turn your visitors away. This could also negatively impact your site's search engine rankings.

8. Pop Unders

This is the reason why most webmasters refrain from using Pop - Under Ads.

9. Outdated Content 

Outdated content is of no use to your visitors. 

10. Auto playing Media 

A site that automatically plays audio or video content will annoy most individuals. People may hit the exit button just to stop the media from playing.

Now that you know what might cause your visitors to instantly abandon your blog/website, its time to sit up and act.

Why Visitors Leave Your Blog In A Jiffy? Why Visitors Leave Your Blog In A Jiffy? Reviewed by Unknown on February 02, 2011 Rating: 5
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