21 Signs You Are Addicted To Facebook - Humour

You are a Facebook addict if..

1. Facebook maintains a dedicated server to support your media uploads.

2. Your average Facebook session lasts between 78 and 96 hours.

3. The last time you saw what you ate was before Facebook was founded.

Facebook Addict

4. You and your fiancee are planning to exchange vows on Facebook. In fact you have even sent out event invitations for the same.

5. Your cat has attained celeb status on Facebook.

6. You got fired from your last job because you insisted on receiving instructions from your boss on Facebook chat.

7. You put all your money into Google's Driverless Car project so that driving doesn't interfere with your FB experience.

8. You account for 1.87% of global Facebook page views.

9. You new iPad broke down after you took it under the shower with you.

10. You directed an emotional 8 page letter to Mark Zuckerberg pleading with him to remove the 'Logout' feature from Facebook

11. You were so shocked when your father asked how much they charged for accessing Facebook that you had to be rushed to the hospital.

12. You felt good when your best friend told you that he could find nothing but your updates on his Facebook homepage.
13. You authored the book "101 Ways to Convince your Boss that being on Facebook Boosts your Productivity."

14. You wanted to name your child 'Facebook,' but were in a fix when your wife gave birth to twins. However, you quickly got over this by naming one of them 'Face' and the other 'Book'

15. You are planning to hire a professional agency to manage your Facebook conversations.

16. You were removed from the position of education minister of your state after you tried to introduce 'Facebook' as a compulsory subject within the school curriculum.
17. You did not know that there is a site named Twitter in existence until you read this. You are in fact verifying my claim (about the existence of Twitter) now.

18. You entered the Guinness Book of World Records with the most Facebook comments to your name.

19. Mark Zuckerberg and the other directors are contemplating paying you a monthly pension.

20. Your updates read "at the loo" & "back from there"

21. You went bankrupt when you posted your credit card details as your status update.

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