Eggs - Your Help Line For Good Health

World Health Organisation (WHO) has given Eggs a 100 point rating as the best protein rich food for humans.

þ      An Egg is nature’s most perfect package of Nutrition
þ      It is naturally sealed and absolutely unadulterable
þ      Egg protein (98) is the highest compared to any other food.
þ      Eggs contain Vitamin ‘A’ and Carotenoids – Good for eye sight; Vitamin ‘D” – Good for strong teeth and bones; Vitamin ‘E’ – Good for glowing skin; and a wide range of Vitamin and Minerals necessary for good health.
þ      Carotenoid pigments present in egg yolk are natural antioxidants which reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
þ      Egg White (albumen) is an antidote for certain types of toxins and prevents ulcers, enteritis, gastritis, diarrhea and dysentery.
þ      Folate – ‘B’ Vitamin found in eggs play an important role in prevention of birth defects and cardiovascular diseases.
þ      Lutien and Zeaxanthin found in eggs significantly reduce the risks of cataracts and age related muscular degeneration.
þ      Egg is easily digestible; good for all age groups.
þ      Eggs have a higher agglomeration of seven natural anti-oxidants which prevents premature aging, per oxidation, formation of plaques in arteries, artherosclerosis, and cardiovascular diseases. They minimize loss of memory power and certain neurological diseases.
þ      Egg is one of the most versatile foods; it can be cooked and enjoyed in umpteen exciting ways.
þ      Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) Eggs are essential raw material for production of Human and Animal/Avian vaccines, as per WHO guidelines.

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