5 Ways to Find Amazing Jobs That Are Not Advertised

Finding a job can be a very interesting endeavour that has a lot of potential to teach us a lot about ourself and our strengths (as well as our weaknesses).

Whenever you are searching for a job, you are forced to think about yourself and find out ways to stand out from the crowd. Challenging interviews and seeing how your peers reach higher in their career can provoke you to do some serious self-reality checking. Once you go through your fair share of constructive criticism, you will know what you need to do to get yourself a job that you are best suited to. It is well-known that jobs are extremely limited in the market, the recession in the economy will not drizzle away quickly, nor will it wait for anything to stop. This is why it is high time that every candidate graduating this year and previous years should look for a ‘hidden job market’.

When you start looking for jobs that are not advertised, you will realize that the global recession is nothing but a state of mind for a job-seeker.

The hidden job market is all the jobs that are not advertised in the regular spots (like newspapers and the internet). These jobs have to be sought out with a lot of pride and determination in mind. They requires you to think beyond the obstacles that you are already facing and see how you can make a niche for yourself.
If you are an experienced person with a set of skills (and qualifications), then you can create an opportunity for yourself by just showing how you can contribute to the company. This is why you see job openings like Management Trainees on job advertisements because companies need to get new ideas so that they can place these MTs in leadership positions.

Here are 5 good ways to tap unadvertised jobs, that everyone can follow.

Socialize With Your Networks

Your friends, relatives, teachers and past employers all count in your network. Whenever you get a chance to meet them in any gathering or occasion, try to get in touch with them and find out if they are in a new business or job. This way you will get to know any incoming job opportunities or vacancies that are not being advertised. If you stay in touch, they will most likely remember you if there is an urgent need of hiring. Top social networks like Facebook and professional networks like LinkedIn are a great place to find people. You will come across recruitment managers from different companies who may know your friends or relatives. These links can get you through easily, especially when you are heading for a job interview.

Find Ways to Follow Up

It is a known study that if you acknowledge people for their achievements then they will remember you more often and they will feel more motivated at work. If you be a part of anyone’s goodwill, then you will be remembered the same way. For this, you will have to remain attentive and seek out what your professional contacts are up to. If they earned an award then make it a point to congratulate them. They will do their part in remembering you whenever there is a need of a new employee.

Market Yourself

Find ways to highlight your skills that have shined when you were working or studying previously. You can specialize in them further to accentuate your skills. For example, if you are good at speaking, then attend sessions that teach public speaking for making it a part of your resume. A unique set of skills is what employers are looking for, so find a few skills that make you a unique case.

Register Everywhere

Remember that being visible on the internet means that you are more visible to the world. Do this by registering at different job portals and forums where like-minded people gather to discuss what is happening in their industry. Smart employers find talent in these areas where pool of talented people with specific skills is already there.

Bring Ideas

If you have an interview, then prepare more than an average candidate would do. An average candidate would know what the interviewer already knows about the company and some points about himself that is not on the resume. You can be extraordinary by coming up with a business idea that is possible if you get hired. Find out flaws or cost inefficiencies that you can suggest improving, so that even if you are inaccurate, at least it will show that you are enthusiastic and productive about the opportunity.

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