Make Money By Becoming A Flipkart Affiliate

If you own a blog or a website, you can now make money by becoming a Affiliate. By signing up for the Flipkart Affiliate Program, you get to promote Flipkart products on your site and thus earn attractive affiliate fees on all referrals made by you.

Signing up is easy and as of now no website / blog approval is required. Payments are made through checks.To signup follow this direct link :
These are some of the ways in which you can promote Flipkart products :

Create banners of the huge range of books, movies, music, games and mobiles available at Flipkart.

Links & Buttons
Create buttons and links for Books, CDs, DVDs, Authors, Categories and lots more!

Search Box
Create a search box to search through the products from your very own website!

Flipkart is an online portal selling books, mobile phones, gaming consoles, electronics, music, and movies.
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