Aug 10, 2011

How To Track DTDC Courier / Consignment Status

This article explains how you can track the delivery status of your DTDC consignments. To track your consignment status simply look for the 9 Digit Consignment Number at the top right-hand corner of your Consignment Note.

Next navigate to the DTDC consignment tracking page by clicking on the link below :

Here within the "Track Your Consignment" section enter the said 9 Digit Consignment Number.

Next click on "Get Details" to view your consignment delivery status.

SMS Tracking : To track your consignments via SMS send
"DTDC CONSIGNMENT NO" To 98453 24040

For example if your Consignment No. is XX1234567 the send "DTDC CONSIGNMENT NO XX1234567" as an SMS to 98453 24040

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