Sep 27, 2011

Funny Tweets About The TRAI 100 SMS Per Day Limit & New Regulations

What India is tweeting about the new TRAI 100 SMS-a-day Limit and the new telemarketing regulations. The tweets are arranged in no particular order.

@vvpreetham : Sheesh, need to set alarm from tomorrow. Used to wake up on a FutureBazzar SMS, hit the gym on F&U, eat breakfast by Batra's SMS.

@pantgovinda : thnx #TRAI for making my life lonely.Now even dr batra,sauna belt makers,noida flat builders and futurebazaar wnt care for me.

@iamnikhilmenon : Well you know what they say. If at first you don't succeed, #TRAI again.

@nileshghai : SMS's mentioning 'I Love U', 'I Miss U' etc Are Promotional if sent to the GirlFriend, if sent to the Wife it is Transactional I guess.

@fakingnews : Next step by #TRAI should be to automatically mark any forwarded SMS as spam.

@Tanuj1089Dr. Batra we had a thing goin, too bad it had to end this way.

@snamboy : If SMSes were not restricted, I would have pulled off all my hair and wud've had to #TRAI Dr. Batra

@hellkohlic : Made me look so important & busy with texts dropping in every few mins. Now I'll only be an aam aadmi for whom no one cares.

@abhileel : Q. Whats common in sachin and me?? A. 100 (use banane hai aur mujhe bachane hai.. :D )  

@javeeth : The only luck I ever had was winning the 1 million Pound lottery every week. Now I will not.

@Alexxious : Text Reduction Authority Of India-TRAI

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