Why Too Many Guest Posts Can Be Bad For Your Blog

Guest blogging is in rage these days. Why? Because guest blogging is an effective search engine optimisation (SEO) technique by which a blogger is able to pick up quality back links pointing towards his or her blog or website. The blogger accepting guest posts is also benefited as he receives articles for his publication free of cost.

While guest blogging may seem to afford a win-win situation for everyone, it took comes with its own risks. It may be worth mentioning that by accepting too many guest posts, you could actually be doing more harm to your blog than good and this post tries to recognise why this might be so.

1. With too many guest posts your blog effectively loses its individuality and it literally becomes their's (guest author's) and not your blog. Only the passwords remain with you.

2. Accepting guest articles tend to make you lazy. You feel less inclined to write for your own blog – a tendency that could be damaging in the long run.

3. With a multitude of guest articles your blog slowly but surely starts losing its own distinct style and character – something that might not go down too well with your regular readers. Remember that if you have a band of dedicated readers it is, because they like what you write and the way you write it. Feed them with too many guest posts and they might lose interest in your blog altogether.

4. The quality of the articles may be compromised. This however can be eliminated if the screening over the articles are precise.

5. It might be difficult to turn down another guest article request from an author who has previously supplied you with articles of decent quality, even though the present article may not be up to the mark. So you may end up publishing an article that you are not too inclined to publish.

6. A guest author might submit the same article (with slight modifications as to the title and content in each case) to two or more blogs – a technique which is more popularly known as "article marketing". Such articles run the risk of being considered "duplicate or of a low quality" by search engines and your blog's rankings can take a serious battering as a consequence of this. Plus you wouldn't want to be hit by the Google Panda update! Would you?

7. Screening articles for quality and errors can consume a lot of your time and efforts. This time can better be utilised in coming up with articles of your own. 

8. Articles with spammy links can have a negative impact on your search engine rankings. Google and other search engines consider the quality of your outbound links in their rankings.

Remember the good old saying which says that too much of anything is bad. The same applies to guest blogging also. What then are your views on this topic?
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