5 Jobs We All Wanted As Kids And Their Realities

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Ask a child what their dream job is and their eyes will light up as they expound on the likely adventures, but they don’t consider the work it takes to get there, or the need for accountability tags. Five jobs that everyone wants growing up though, are still popular professions, but the realities are not quite as prestigious as children might think.


‘Are martians really green?’ or ‘Is the moon made of cheese?’ Kids love the idea of becoming an astronaut. With technological innovations that are scientifically astounding, becoming an astronaut is an exciting adventure that takes years of schooling, an unbelievably healthy lifestyle, and a brilliant mind. The pay is excellent, but the danger is real when attempting to define the relatively unknown.


She gets to boss kids around, plus she teaches reading and writing and gets to lead the team to victory. The teacher/coach combination is one dream job for many children. As the years progress though, and more time is spent in the classroom with the teachers, children learn that the job really is not glamorous. The pay is dismal and it takes a person with a special drive to make sure that children are ready to become productive citizens in today’s world.


He shoots, he scores and the crowd goes wild! A hero in the making, every child dreams at some point of being the star athlete, and that is one dream that carries into adulthood. However, the reality is that there are only a few with the raw talent and drive necessary to become a professional athlete.


Saving lives and making money, these are the things that make the doctor profession seem attractive. This profession is vital and, in some cases, lucrative. The reality though, is that it does not come easy. Years of college, hours of homework, and student loans galore are also part of a doctor’s reality.


The uniform, the sirens and the big red fire truck are the things dreams are made of for children. As exciting as the position, the job is tough and the salary is limited. Firefighter safety is a concern for their families and unfortunately, accountability tags are a necessary part of the flashy uniform.

All great and necessary ambitions, children will eventually learn the realities of their chosen dream, but in the meantime just make sure they keep dreaming and know that they can be anything they want to be. They have plenty of time to worry about accountability tags later.

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