Making a Blog your Next Family Project

Without a shadow of doubt, the family is an indestructible unit. In fact, it is the most important foundation of our lives. It is where we enjoy the most unconditional things from each other. However, at times the hustle and bustle of life gets in the way when we try to maintain the closeness of the family. It takes some effort and a little of our time to maintain close family ties.

One way for the family to bond with each other is to do a project. Since every household has a computer and Internet; making a blog as your next family project is a sound plan. This activity is easy for the family to do as a project; for each member can give his contribution. They can include typical household stuff that are useful, educational, interesting, informative, decorative and yummy.

What is a Blog?

Blog is like a personal diary or journal in your Internet where you share thoughts, ideas; add video, games, pictures, music, comments and anything else without being computer savvy. The activity of posting content in the blog is called blogging. It is a good activity for the family, as it will allow them to interact with each other.

Advantages of Blogging

Aside from the business aspect of blogging, it has many advantages:
  • Blogging is your self-expression as it is an unedited personal spin from your own view, the world around you and your own perspective.
  • Blogging is informative as it is online news; news about yourself and what affects you personally that you share with others.
  • Blogging is freedom as there are no rules. You and everyone create the rules as you go along.
  • Blogging is sociable as it connects you to others. You can closely knit with your family, build a community and help others.
  • Blogging is a part of your lifestyle or it is something about you.

Bonding while Blogging

More often than not, growing up in a nuclear family makes us forget the concept and importance of family relationships. Spending an afternoon lunch with a sibling has become uncommon in today’s jet set world of change. In fact, even friendships no longer last more than a couple of years. This is because we move around too fast and too often to maintain genuine friendships. Ironic is that, even when we live in a fast-paced environment there are more ways to maintain contact with friends and family.

In case you haven’t noticed, the Internet provides endless possibilities in bridging the gap of geography among distant family members. Starting up a blog with the whole family can maintain closeness among its members. In fact, blogging with the whole family is an awesome method of keeping in contact with each other. Try to consider a family project blog on political views or family history blog where all the members can contribute with photographs and memories. Everyone will receive a notification and everyone has access in that way no one is burdened to keep up.

Guest Author Frank Anderson is a technology and Internet writer and researcher. He is also very active on the web hosting forum and other Internet focused communities.
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