Jan 21, 2012

All About Rajni - The Website That Runs Without The Internet!

 Yes! you have read it right. A man as extraordinary as Rajnikanth ought to have a website that's as extraordinary as him. "All About Rajni" the site dedicated to the legendary superstar runs without the Internet; albeit on RAJNI POWER!

All About Rajni runs with out the Internet

To enter the website you have to disconnect your internet connection. And If you think you can outsmart the website by re-connecting to the internet once you have entered the site, the following words warn you

"Aiyyo! That was unexpected (of you).
To keep browsing switch off your Internet".... and you better do so for you are in Rajni territory. 

All About Rajni; the micro site designed by Gurbaksh Singh for is home to interesting trivia, fun facts, quotes and much more about the towering personality that is Rajnikanth. According to Singh, "The unbelievable spectacle of running a website without the internet is a tribute to Rajinikant's larger than life image" 

Can't wait to check out? Follow this link

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