Top 7 Pieces Of Technology To Look For In 2012

The coming and going of 2011 saw a lot of great advancements in technology, but we thought it would be a good time to wonder what is coming next. To help you get a better idea of what to watch and save for, we have gathered a list of top 7 pieces of tech to anticipate in 2012.

1. iPad 3 – One can't help but wonder if it was Steve Job's final wish that the new iPad that offers a rumored three dimensional technology would also be its third version. The screen resolution is expected to be vastly superior and for those of you who thought the previous versions' HD capability isn't enough, the new version promises to give you an experience like never before. In addition, upgrades have been made to the battery and OS.

2. Smart TV's – Although the concept of a combo computer and television haven't quite caught on the way they were supposed to, 2012 promises new and improved features. Televisions will have a better capability of both finding and storing media. There will also be the options to surf the web via TV and even sync with tablets, phones, etc.

3. New X-box – Gamers rejoice, 2012 is looking to be good for gaming. The last time the world saw a functional X-box launch was way back in 2005, and Microsoft is due for another. The rumored 4th generation X-box is thought to have a release date of fall of this year.

4. Nintendo Wii U – Not to be outdone, one of the first names in home gaming is also looking to upgrade the existing Wii console. The Wii U has some interesting features, in addition to a 2012 release date, and one of the most promising of those being an iPad like controller.

5. Lytro camera – Think cameras have gone as far as they will? Then check out this rectangle shaped entry. Not only does it offer amazing features, it actually allows users to focus on an image after it has been taken, making the whole “focus and remagnify” commands of science fiction not so far fetched after all.
Lytro Cam. Image via engadget

6. Conversation mode – Sick of seeing all those Apple users have all the voice command fun? Then get ready for conversation mode as this technology is likely to be in focus as far as Google is concerned. This and other voice recognition software are looking to make things like the keyboard a thing of the past.

7. Tailgater – Do you ever hear about people going to the outdoors to get away from it all? They can also be missing their favorite shows, sports, and more. With this piece of new technology from the Dish Network, they can take their favorite programs with them. The ten pound box is made to go on any trip – even tailgating – and costs $500. How you'll power the television and receiver are up to you.

Casey Roberts is a student and also writes for Radiology Assistant which helps students find the right radiology degree.
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