Designing Tomorrow’s Logos Today

The logos you see today are not the same as yesterday’s and the ones made tomorrow will be as different, if not more, from those we see today. Like any industry, logo design is also something that changes with time. With so many designers doing such fabulous work from around the globe, the chances of trends changing are immense. While most of the design is based on your personal tastes, keeping these trends in mind is something that might just help you take a few more steps in the right direction.

Designing Tomorrow’s Logos Today

Add Class

The best way to add class to your logo is to add a badge or a button to give them a distinct sophistication. When working with brands that cater to a higher stratum of society, using these badges lend a sense of regale heritage. That, while not applicable in all products, can be used to raise the profile of a brand as well, just to give that brand’s consumers a sense of belonging to a higher level.

Type Face

What most people consider the easiest format of making a logo, a type- or text-based logo is not exactly as simple as it might seem. Designers are forced into many challenges that include, but aren’t limited to, creating type-fonts that appeal to the eye. Its also worth remembering that not every one would choose to pick a ready-made font for their logo design and when you reach a stage where you are creating your own font type, it becomes quite interesting and difficult at the same time. Pull it off and you could have a masterpiece in your hands!

What’d You Say?

Here’s something that you don’t normally expect from a logo – a speech bubble. However, the chances of you finding a speech bubble in a logo have definitely risen with a number of social networking websites popping up all over the place. The need to talk to people, over the Internet, is quite rampant and these logos are coming out with obvious signs of what they do. That may seem quite blatant but in some cases, being blatant is good enough, especially when your objective is to get the most people to sign up!

Green Planet

With the environment becoming the focus of most industries, it is becoming very important to show that your brand is environment friendly. So much so that if you are making cars, it’s more important to show that it drinks lesser fuel than the others than the fact that the doors might fall off after every 2 miles. Incorporating leaves and green elements into the logo is something that is becoming quite popular because everyone is lining up to show that they care.

Opaque Quadrilaterals

This is a relatively simpler trend to understand as everything is taking a bolder and more solid shape than you would think. Using opacity in logo design has more to do with newer concepts than with the age-old philosophy of throwing some shape in there with an opaque appearance. If you can incorporate a four-sided shape that’s neither a square nor a rectangle, into it, then you are almost hitting the right notes.

Creating a logo requires a great deal of knowledge about your client’s brand and their identity. If you want to capture what they are as well as make your work pertain to the standards the world knows and follows, then keeping up with the trends and setting new ones is the only way to design!

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