Jun 29, 2012

Now Create A Custom URL For Your Blogger/Blogspot Posts

Over the past few months Blogger has introduced quite a few changes to make their blogs more 'SEO friendly'. Latest among them is a feature that now enables users to create a 'Custom URL' for their posts.

This is how you can create Custom URL for posts in Blogspot / Blogger:

1. Create a New Post.

2. On the right hand side of the WYSIWYG editor locate 'Post Settings'

3. Under 'Post Settings' click on the 'Permalink' Tab

4. Here you will find two options: 'Automatic URL' and 'Custom URL'. Select 'Custom URL' and enter your Custom URL in the following format :

Note that every word you type must be separated by a  dash ( - ) sign. 

5. Click on "Done"

When you publish your post next, you will find that your article is published with its very own "custom" URL.

Make sure that you include all primary keywords related to the post in question within your custom URL so that your post is better "search engine optimised".

Primary keywords are all those search terms that you anticipate people will enter while searching for posts similar to ones you have/are about to publish.

Note: You cannot add a Custom URL to posts which have already been published.

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