Top Document Management Software Solutions

There are numerous document management systems available in the market, and it calls for some sagacity in choosing which software to invest in. Today we give a detailed brief of some of the best document management systems that you can utilize to take your organization to the next level.


It is web a based software as a service (SaaS) program, marketed by RightSignature LLC. Its input could be PDF based or from a scanner. Manual keying in of information is also provided for. One also has the option of accessing documents remotely. Its search options are based on the data, content and the version and data can be accessed from anywhere across the globe. It uses various security protocols such as password protection, data encryption, web security. Also detailed security reporting is enabled. It also comes with an automatic update option. In addition, one is entitled to a free trial before deciding on whether to invest in the software.


BreatheHR is online based software that is designed to make document management an effortless task. By utilizing a centralized document management system, access problems are indeed eliminated. Communication of the policies of the company is simplified since the policies are uploaded online, and notifications are sent to employees, informing them of a new policy or a change in an existing policy. Moreover employees have to acknowledge that they have read and understood the policies by signing the document digitally. 

Documents relating to employees are stored together with other employee records so as to maintain a comprehensive and an error free database. Searching through the documents is made possible through the various inbuilt search modules. Security is guaranteed using passwords, encryption as well as tracking devices which are used when changes are made to the system. The monthly billing charges are very affordable and there is a 30 day free trial period during which one can use the software without paying for it. BreatheHR is web based and can be accessed from all over the world as long as there is internet connectivity and a device to access the resources. BreatheHR has indeed transformed the world’s way of conducting business. A full free trial is available on their website.

Vista HRMS

Vista HRMS does a more than just document management. It maintains clean records of employees hired, their discipline, results of appraisals, records of leaves, holidays and absences as well as a comprehensive history of their salaries and rise through different ranks. It runs perfectly on Linux, Windows, Mac and Unix and has the additional benefit of mobile access. It also integrates emails and notifications as part of the software. It comes in multiple languages and offers the employees the chance to serve themselves by keying in data relating to them. It also has a 24/7 support system.

Autonomy Imanage

The Imanage WorkSite marketed by Autonomy is yet another document management system that has a lot of similarities with RightSignature. It also comes in the English language and utilizes passwords, encryption and security reporting as security measures. It is capable of running case studies, which is a big plus. One can access and retrieve data from anywhere in the world. In addition, it has the option of configuring storage locations and is synchronized with email and fax to make communication easier. Its search modules are based on full text searching as well as multi-condition queries.  It supports documents of multiple formats and can be applied across many fields. Unfortunately, it is not an open source software and does not have a free trial version, meaning that you have to purchase it for you to use it.


The Sage Group offers a good HR document management software in Sage HRMS. It allows data import and export as well as diversity reporting. It also has checks that enhance compliance to the laws and has a module that periodically checks the compliance of the documents to the set laws and regulations. It is an online based system that incorporates work time management and affords you the pleasure to customize reports, fields and functions. It maintains clean employee records and has the option of tracking employees when they are on leave or on holiday. Centralized records of past and present employees are also available. 

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